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Going solar for your electricity needs benefits you, the economy, our future and our planet. With a 30% federal tax credit, financing rates as low as 1.89%, and low solar panel costs, our highly trained solar installers will provide you with a state of the art solar system with ownership payments that are less than you are currently paying to rent electricity from your utility, and with a internal rate of return as high as 17%, and a payback period as short as 6 years, investing in your own solar plant is a financial opportunity of a lifetime. We provide residential and commercial solar for all areas of California, building beautiful photovolatic systems at amazing value. Call us today at 760-295-9023

What We Do

We provide you with a custom designed, high quality solar system and install it at your home or business using the highest quality solar components, such as LG® Panels, and German Engineered QCell® Panels, all backed with a 25 year production warranty. We use the best-in-class installation techniques, engineered to perfection for a lifetime of savings and peace of mind.


Why Solar Symphony & Custom Solar

Solar Symphony, Inc. is a fully licensed C-46 Solar contractor and a B general contractor, with NABCEP certifcations, the highest credentials in the industry, with over 1000 solar electric installations, including residential and commercial. Custom Solar is our Thermal Solar division, building the highest quality thermal solar systems for pool heating. You get custom quality installation at a fraction of the cost of those big solar marketing companies. When you deal direct, you get the highest quality system, installation, and service at an unbeatable price. Invest in a custom quality solar system, not on expensive marketing and commissions.


Solar System Examples

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Let us design a custom solar system for you and provide you with a detailed savings analysis, production estimates, and layout options, all at no cost to you and without obligation.

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